Minecraft: The Return of Bundles Should Herald a Broader QoL Update (2024)


  • Mojang is working on bundles as a quality-of-life update for Minecraft. Bundles allow players to combine stackable items into one inventory slot, holding up to 64 items.
  • While bundles are sure to be a great addition to the game, they should inspire other potential quality-of-life updates.
  • Suggestions include increased inventory space, improvements to travel systems, and better redstone education.

With Minecraft's Tricky Trials update finally released, Mojang has wasted no time in showing off what it's working on now. Since bundles have been revealed to still be on the table, it would be a great shout for Minecraft's next update to focus on quality of life.

Mojang recently put out an update on bundles, the one feature from 2020's Caves and Cliffs reveal that still hasn't made it into the game. New blocks and mobs, new generation, the deep dark, and archeology were all split into different updates, but bundles are still a holdout. Luckily for fans of this inventory tool, bundles are still being worked on. In fact, they'll soon be featured in their own new snapshot/experimental bedrock feature, fresh with revamps. These unassuming sacks allow players to combine stackable items into one inventory slot; the bundle can hold up to 64 stackable items, so long as the individual items can be stacked to 64.



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The Bundle Should Inspire More Quality Of Life Changes In Minecraft

The bundle is a great thing for Minecraft's major inventory problem, especially considering how accessible its crafting recipe is (as opposed to something like a shulker box). While some players may want the bundle to provoke the introduction of more unused Minecraft features, the best thing they could encourage would be more quality-of-life features. Minecraft's basic gameplay loop is great fun, but there are some frustrating things that every player will encounter eventually—things that can be smoothed over.


Though a good step, the bundle still doesn't satisfy many of Minecraft's inventory bugbears. This has been highlighted by Minecraft's new trial chambers, which have more than enough loot to clog up inventories quickly. An easy fix here could be following Terraria's lead, whether that be extra slots for ammo and currency or a consumable item that adds some space. On that subject, stacks could go higher than 64, which is an update Terraria also received. If that idea flies in the face of an iconic number that's stood the test of time, elevating the amount specific items can be stacked would also work. If nothing else, allowing potions to be stacked to 16 (something which is being playtested) wouldn't break the game but would massively conserve space.

Travel and Redstone

It's long been said by many players that older modes of travel have been made redundant in recent years. The most notable victim of this is Minecraft's minecart and rail system, which has been thoroughly left behind thanks to its middling speed, setup time, and resource cost. Making rails cheaper and minecarts faster would be a huge help, as would be buffing other underserved travel systems like horses. These buffs should be prioritized over nerfing boats or elytra, preserving the fun of the game first.

Changes to minecarts would also go hand-in-hand with some help for redstone, specifically with more structures like the jungle temple that teach players how the system works. Redstone is one of Minecraft's best attributes, but it can be really hard to get into for new fans. Moreover, its mechanics work differently between Java and Bedrock editions, so even online tutorials can lead players astray. Some more redstone structures, or even a deeper guide in the options menu, could be a huge asset.

Ways To Find Important Structures

Letting players find trial chambers with a map purchased from a cartographer was a solid move, considering how annoying it can be to find structures underground or in the Nether. The former has been the experience faced by many looking for ancient cities, but looking for Nether fortresses has been a source of tedium for years. Having bastions supply maps to them would be a good idea, considering how common it is to find one when looking for a fortress. As for ancient cities, perhaps wandering traders could have a chance of selling a map to one.

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Minecraft: The Return of Bundles Should Herald a Broader QoL Update (2024)


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