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With the popularity of platforms like Steam, Indie games also regained their name in the market. Explore some worthy Indie Games in this list.

Indie games provide several unique gaming experiences, and they can be found in all major video game markets. The entertainment sector is seeing a craze with these games. They made it quite evident that anyone can become wealthy and famous based only on their own skills and prowess.

This article will discuss what Indie games are and how they differ from regular games. We will also discuss some of the best Indie games on Steam that you should take advantage of.

What are Indie Games?

Since the middle of the 2000s, indie gaming has become viral because of platforms like Steam and Xbox Live Arcade. On top of that, the gaming industry’s trend is also towards prioritizing profit above user experience in game production. Gamers were searching for fresh, imaginative, and narrative-focused experiences. They were able to satisfy that desire because of indie gaming.

Computer games developed independently are known as indie games. The phrase “indie game” is derived from terminology akin to “indie cinema” and “indie music,” where the idea is frequently connected to self-publishing and independence from large studios or distributors.

These games may be created entirely from scratch by a single person or a small group of 2 to 10 individuals. As the materials used in independent games are either made by the developers independently or obtained for free, they are occasionally referred to as free.

How are Indie games different from regular games?

Indie games are Independent in terms of both finances and creativity. Even if they have a publisher, their game was developed independently with little input from them, either via their funds or through means like crowdsourcing. Indie video games are frequently created by one person, a small team, or a small independent company that is set up only to create the game.

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Indie games are frequently praised for their originality, ingenuity, and experimentation. Inventive gameplay or distinctive storytelling approaches frequently make up for poor aesthetics.

These games frequently explore gaming as art and are very inventive and experimental. They can afford to take original risks that aren’t done by Big games. Because of the need for publisher backing, they are frequently sold through digital distribution platforms.

Now that you have a good idea about indie games, let us explore some of the best ones.

For the King

A country called Fahrul’s monarch is dead in the indie video game For the King. He is assassinated by an unidentified assailant, which causes the once-calm kingdom of Fahrul to devolve into anarchy.

The queen in this game has appealed desperately to the kingdom’s people to rise and help stop the flow of approaching disaster since she has nowhere else to turn and is stretched beyond her limits.

The player must endure the harsh conditions, battle evil monsters, cruise the seas, and explore the shadowy underworld. The game aims to battle evil and restore the kingdom’s harmony.

Developed by: IronOak Games

Published by: IronOak Games

Released on: 19 April 2018

Available on: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS4

Stardew Valley

One of the most enjoyable independent games ever created is Stardew Valley. The game is a straightforward farming simulator, and while some players may find its pixelated aesthetics off-putting, it has excellent material that is worth hundreds of hours of play. The focus of the game is primarily on unwinding and imagination.

Players will be free to design their farm and home while attempting to live honestly in the town. The player will interact with other NPCs in the neighborhood and identify the ideal one to settle down with. Over the game’s seasons, there are romantic opportunities and distinctive encounters with various characters.

Developed by: ConcernedApe

Published by: ConcernedApe

Released on: 26 February 2016

Available on: Steam, Xbox, and PS4


One of the biggest and best Indie games is unquestionably Stray. An enthusiastic response resulted in the adventures of a ginger kitty stranded in a cyberpunk world, spending a considerable amount of time at the top of the best independent games list on Steam.

You’ll be touring neon-lit alleys and solving easy environmental puzzles for most of Stray. Nevertheless, there are also anxious occasions that put your reflexes to the test.

Developed by: BlueTwelve Studio

Published by: Annapurna Interactive

Released on: 19 July 2022

Available on: Steam and PS 4&5

Slay the Spire

In the indie game “Slay the Spire,” you can create a distinctive deck, run across strange creatures, find powerful artifacts, and defeat the Spire. This game is the greatest single-player deck-builder since it combines card games with roguelikes.

350+ completely available cards, 200+ unique objects, 50+ unique combat encounters, and 50+ mystery occurrences that might be beneficial or detrimental are all present in this game.

With each try at scaling the Spire, you get to find hundreds of new cards to add to your deck. Also, you may choose cards that complement one another to defeat opponents quickly and get to the top.

Developed by: MegaCrit Games

Published by: MegaCrit Games

Released on: 15 November 2017

Available on: Steam, Xbox, Android, PlayStation, iOS, and Nintendo Switch

Geometry Dash

The indie game called Geometry Dash will divide players into two groups. Players try to guide a square “character” down an obstruction-filled course by touching or holding the screen to cause it to leap or skip up or down the ramps that resemble stairs. If you time a leap incorrectly or run into an obstacle, you have to restart the level from the beginning.

Your square will frequently change into a rocket mid-level, allowing you to fly through a tunnel while dodging obstacles by changing your altitude. A soundtrack that plays in tandem with the game helps with the rhythm of the jumps.

Developed by: RobTop games

Published by: RobTop games

Released on: 23 December 2014

Available on: Steam

Kerbal Space Program

You manage the space program for the extraterrestrial species known as the Kerbals in Kerbal Space Program. You can assemble a completely working spacecraft using a variety of pieces that operate according to accurate aerodynamic and orbital physics. There are three different game modes in Kerbal Space Program.

Conduct space experiments in Science Mode to develop Kerbalkind’s technological capabilities. Manage all facets of the space program in Career Mode, including planning, budgeting, improvements, and more. You may construct any ship you can imagine in Sandbox using the components and technologies available.

Developed by: Squad

Published by: Private Division

Released on: 27 April 2017

Available on: Steam

Core Keeper

In Core Keeper, you play as an adventurer who wakes up in a fascinating cavern full of critters, resources, and treasures. You construct your base, create new items, stay alive, and power up the core with mine relics and resources.

A mining sandbox adventure for 1 to 8 people lets you battle giant creatures, unearth mysteries, harvest crops, create new dishes, and explore a dynamically generated underground realm.

You get to explore a vast underground cavern filled with unending supplies. Also, you can discover hidden crystals, fossils, and other treasures while mining ores and surviving in a procedurally created underground world. You may play online with up to 7 other people or play the game solo. This game teaches you to mine resources, battle, farm, craft, live, and cooperate fully.

Developed by: Pugstorm

Published by: FireShine Games

Released on: 8 March 2022

Available on: Steam


In the local cooperative game Overcooked, you must complete chores in order to make and serve a particular food. The game’s mechanics might appear straightforward, but because these chores must be completed in a specific order, you will need to communicate with your friends and family more effectively.

The issue worsens when you encounter levels that include challenging terrain or challenging mazes to go through the kitchen. When more players join the fun, the game, which can be played with up to 4 people, becomes more chaotic. Although Overcooked is short and replayable, it provides you and your friends or family with a fantastic experience.

Developed by: Ghost Town Games

Published by: Team17 Digital

Released on: 3 August 2016

Available on: Steam


In the 2D sandbox survival crafting game Terraria, you can dig, explore, make things, and construct things until you can no more. Because each globe is produced at random, every play will be different. As soon as the game begins, you will search for resources and locate a suitable location to set up your base. You will seek resources and supplies until you locate the goods on the following tier.

After unlocking any new tier, you will perform the same thing repeatedly because it will open new regions to explore. The game has internet co-op, and because Terraria has such a vast quantity of material, it is best played with others.

Developed by: Re-logic

Published by: Re-logic

Released on: 16 May 2011

Available on: Steam

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a narrative-driven action game that combines fast-paced fighting and exploration. As a young Spirit Guide named Kena who is looking for the revered Mountain Shrine, you must sort through the history. The Rot, Kena’s cute ghost friends, will aid in releasing the souls imprisoned in a forgotten hamlet.

Developed by: Ember Lab

Published by: Ember Lab

Released on: 27 September 2022

Available on: Steam and PS4

Amid Evil

There are seven separate episodes in the independent game Amid Evil, each with a unique environment and foes. You get to wield absurdly powerful magical weapons that can be supercharged with dead people’s souls.

In this game, you can practice your abilities against the never-ending armies of evil. The enemies in this game are vicious and intelligent, and they will pursue you on land, water, and in the air. It also has vast non-linear levels loaded with lore and secrets from the past.

Developed by: Indefatigable

Published by: New Blood Interactive

Released on: 20 June 2019

Available on: Steam

A Robot Named Fight

A Robot Named Fight is a Metroidvania roguelike emphasizing item gathering and exploration. You get to take over control of a lone robot entrusted with eliminating the Megabeast. In this scrumptiously gruesome Metroidvania, you may traverse randomly created labyrinths, unlock secrets, discover randomized power-ups and artifacts, and smash meaty enemies.

Developed by: MorningStar Games

Published by: MorningStar Games

Released on: 7 September 2017

Available on: Steam and Nintendo Switch


Momodora: Reverie Beneath Moonlight is one of the many games offered by Bomb Service. In this game, the player travels through a cursed region that is on the verge of extinction.

The dead rise, evil spreads, and corruption rules. But for a priestess from the hamlet of Lun by the name of Kaho, hope has all but vanished. If only Kaho could find a way to see the Queen, she could be persuaded to use her influence to help preserve the region and its people from inevitable destruction.

Developed by: Bomb Service

Published by: Playism

Released on: 4 March 2016

Available on: Steam

What the Golf?

What the Golf” is not your typical round of golf. The pace of play in this game is faster and more arcade-like. The game transports you to specific golf courses resembling miniature golf courses but with additional insane steps. Using a golf ball as your starting point, you can strike the ball however and whenever you choose.

You can win the round as long as you complete the course with fewer strokes and in less time. You won’t witness yourself swinging golf clubs when using the course’s obstacles. Instead, you’ll be launching golf balls in an effort to bring them closer to the hole. Playing What the Golf with friends and family can be wonderfully entertaining.

Developed by: Triband

Published by: Triband

Released on: 22 October 2022

Available on: Steam and Nintendo Switch

Primal Light

You get to control the character Krog in the 2D action platformer Primal Light. A strange blue monster wearing a red loincloth is Inhabit Krog. In this game, he travels through a maze of ladders, levers, traps, and creatures.

As you hack and slash your way to victory, leaving a graveyard of hideous bosses in your wake, you get to explore the crevices of a strange and intriguing universe.

Developed by: Fat Gem

Published by: Fat Gem

Released on: 9 July 2018

Available on: Steam and Nintendo Switch

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

The final and finished version of Shovel Knight, a sweeping classic action-adventure game series with amazing gameplay, lovable characters, and an 8-bit throwback design, is called Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

You only need to move quickly and engage in combat as the Shovel Knight, a wielder of the Shovel Blade, who is searching for a lost love. You must defeat the evil knights of the Order of No Quarter and face The Enchantress, their scary commander. There are four more games that stand alone in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

Developed by: Yacht Club

Published by: Yacht Club

Released on: 26 July 2014

Available on: Steam, Xbox, and PS4


From approximately 2005, indie games’ awareness both inside the video game business and in the rest of the world significantly increased. The shift to new digital distribution channels, including marketplaces like Steam that included independent games alongside more mainstream titles as well as storefronts specifically for independent games, was a major motivator.

Although direct online distribution aided indie game developers in reaching players, these storefronts allowed game developers to publish, update, and advertise their games directly. Players could download the games from any location, and the storefront handled all other aspects of distribution and sales.

This motivated people to try out more indie games. So, you can look through the above list to find the best indie game for yourself.

You may also explore the best dungeon crawler games to embark on an action-packed quest.

16 Best Indie Games on Steam You Should Not Miss | Geekflare (2024)


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